Rishi assures Raaj that they are happy together. Rishi lies to Raaj and tells him that he wants to live with Tanuja. She is shocked to hear this but Raaj is very happy to see them. Rishi sees Rano, who has overheard the entire thing and is quite upset with it. Rano tells Malaika that she will show Raaj Tanuja’s pregnancy reports. Beeji snatches the report from Rano’s hand and asks what will happen when Raaj sees the report. Beeji lashes out at Rano for not even considering Raaj’s health before planning all of this. Beeji warns Rano to not show Raaj the reports and even asks Malaika to shut up. (ALSO READ: Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 15 December 2016 Written Update of Full Episode: Raaj STOPS Tanuja and Rishi’s divorce) Beeji tells Rano that if Tanuja is not the right girl for Rishi, even Malaika is not that great. Malaika leaves the room in anger. Rishi apologises to Tanuja for making her unpack again and he taunts her about her pregnancy. Tanuja asks Rishi if he wants say something since he looks so hurt. He thanks her for playing along in front of Raaj. He holds her hand and tells her that they will have to fake their relationship for just a few more days. Tanuja cries listening to his hurtful words. He tells her that Raaj has a habit of meeting and talking to everyone in the house once he comes back from the office and asks her to play along even then. Raaj notices that there is something between Rishi and Tanuja. He takes them to the temple in the house and asks them to tell him the truth if they are happy with each other. Rishi and Tanuja look at each other as Raaj keeps going on and on about how Raaj made Tanuja marry her. Rishi figures that she was forced into marrying him. Raaj explains to them that with time they will bond with each other better. Raaj asks if they had a fight and the two keep talking in code language. Kasam | kasam tere pyaar ki – Kosem Sultan Episode
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Kasam | kasam tere pyaar ki

kasam colors tv dramakasam tere pyaar ki Watch All Episodes of Colors Tv Drama Serial Kasam Online in High Quality. Kasam Drama Starts from March 7th 2016. Kasam air timing 10:00 P.M india time ( Pakistani Time 10:30) from monday to friday.
Kasam Cast: Sharad Malhotra Rishi (lead role), Kratika Sengar Tanushree (lead role), Raj Singh Bedi Father of Sharad, Vibha Chibber Mother of Sharad, Jyoti Gauba Mother of Kratika, Zuber K Khan, Lalit Bisht Friend of Sharad.