Feriha 13 December 2016 Episode 135 by Urdu1 tv

Published on December 13, 2016


Murad is with Silahdar and says they will punish the traitors. SIlahdar says everyone will bow before your power my Majesty. Murad asks if he found out anything about the girl who murdered the agha in the dungeons. Silahdar says her name was Filiz, no incidents before, she was said to be a good girl. Murad says seeing as she was able to slit her own throat right while looking into your eyes, it means she believed in  and was was bound to her cause. Be careful, that woman must no be the only one in the harem.  How is Farya? Silahdar tells him that she is in the Pearl Masion, and that he sent Madame to her. He says I heard about what happened last night, the Princess protected you.

Farya says I was willing for him to shout, get angry even take my life but he forgave me. He said he was going to leave me there (to my land) and I would never see his face again. Margaret says and we will return to Erdel, your mother will be saved. Farya says you don’t get it, Sultan Murad is foresaking me…given up on me, this is my punishment – he will remove me from his mind and heart. Margaret says then I advise you to take him out from your mind and heart too – otherwise you will be even more sad.

Murad asks Kemankes why he is up on his feet, he should be resting. Murad says you saved my mother, ask of me what you will. Keman says  I am pleased with you, May God be pleased with you too – you saved my mother. Kemankes says perish the thought, the most honourable thing is to die for your sake. But I wish I had prevented it before so that you wouldn’t have to return. Silahdar says we will first destroy the traitors Kemankes. Murad says but Erdel is also important, I want Istvan’s head. Send word to Abaza Mehmet pasha, I have an idea, if he succeeds, we can solve this matter without my soldiers having to shed blood (without his soldiers dying).

Evliya speaks to the crowd, telling them that ‘they struck our Kosem Sultana with a dagger! And do you know who they gave that dagger to to stab her with? They gave that dagger to a small innocent child like this here! They influenced him! This is not worthy! She who is the angel in human form who walks among us! She who is, our Kosem our leader. She, who is the Sultana of the poor, innocent, needy and moreover that of all the Ottoman nation!

Gulbahar says to Kosem everyone in the harem was worried, thanks to God who saved you for your children. Kosem says to Beyazid, my brave prince you did everything you could and went after the traitors. Beyazid says for years you protected us my Sultana, I can never repay that debt to you. Kosem says but you leaving the palace without our Hunkar’s permission is not appropriate. No matter what, you will not do it again, same goes for Kasim. Gulbahar says they get emotion (excited and agitated in the moment) my sultana, they must be more careful. You too – as you know you have many enemies as many as those who love you. Kosem says many yes, but I see all of them.

Sneaky Sinan meets with Cornelius in a random store who says you have disappointed me Sinan pasha, you cannot finish any task. Sinan says I did what I could. I attacked Kosem sultana in a way she never expected – she didn’t die. Corny says is that how you explain yourself? Day by day Sultan Murad becomes greater. He will come upon us now. Sinan says it is obvious he is thinking of something but I do not know what he is up to. Corny says then work to find out…at least do that if anything!

Esther is with Kosem and says we came back from the bring of catastrophe.  Kosem says you have been with me all these years, and you still didn’t understand – when have we ever breathed calmly?

Murad arrives and say you have wanted to see me, you are well hopefully? She says what is this Farya matter? She has returned to the mansion again? Murad says while you are ill, do not tire yourself with this matter, she has no value for me anymore, when the Erdel issue is resolved she will exit my life. Kosem says if that’s what you say…and when will Gulbahar leave? I have no doubt she had her fingers in this latest incident. I told you before about her…look she came and an attempt was made on my life. Find, they found someone (involved) and brought him here…and then he was killed before he could speak and on top of that by a girl from the harem. Do you think these are coincidences?

Farya says to an agha if anything at least send word to him that I wish to see him? The agha replies prohibited. Farya remarks, prohibited, prohibited – that’s all they know. Atike arrives. As you see, it is not that easy to leave this palace…you find yourself here again. Farya asks about Kosem. Atike says she is doing better now, it will take some time for her to recover. From what I hear you risked your life for our Majesty my brother. Farya says if we think about everything from the beginning, my life always belonged to him. May I ask a favour from you?

Murad goes to Gulbahar says I was visiting my mother, I said let me see how you are. Gulbahar says what an honour, I reunited with my son, what else could I want. Murad says it’s hard of course, you were away from your child for so long, you know what you were accused of – putting Beyazid on the throne. Gulby says I never – He says I do not care about what happened in the past, I look at today – should you be accused again – you won’t even have a grave. Gulbahar says what is the meaning of these words, what did I do? Or, are you blaming me for what happened. She can’t breath (is faking) and Murad calls for doctors and Beyazid enters. 

Esther sees Silahdar and asks what is all this happening to us? He says it has passed, and I am glad nothing happened to you. She moves in and says I need comforting, I await your visit. Farya and Atike arrive just then. Silahdar asks why Atike has brought Farya, her exiting the mansion is not acceptable. Atike says she wanted to see my brother. Silahdar says this is impossible. Farya says not you, but Sultan Murad can decide about that. Atike then asks what Esther wanted, what she said to him, I am wondering to be honest. Silahdar says she has come to visit Kosem sultan. 

Murad arrives. Silahdar says forgive me, she came with our Sultana. Farya says I know you don’t want to see me but – Murad ignores her. 

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