Kasam 12 December 2016 Full Episode 202 video watch

Published on December 12, 2016

Raaj tells them how relieved he is that they are together and drags them home. Rishi stops Raaj and tells him that he can’t take Tanuja home. At home, Divya has made cupcakes and expresses her happiness to Malaika. She is about to eat the cupcake but Manpreet throws it. He calls John and asks him to throw the garbage away.

Malaika gives it back to him saying that Tanuja is the real garbage in the house. At the court, Raaj asks Rishi why he can’t take Tanuja home. Rishi tells him that whenever he is around, Tanuja doesn’t give him attention. He holds Tanuja’s hand and tells Raaj that he will take her home. Manpreet asks Beeji why everyone is so happy at home. He tells her that his brother’s marriage is in trouble when Rano tells him that the divorce should have happened a long time back. Manpreet asks what Rano will tell Raaj when he asks about Tanuja. Rano tells him a ready made excuse that she has in mind. Malaika asks Divya to get the cupcakes and asks Manpreet to try it


Tanuja keeps walking inside the house. Manpreet gets up as he sees Tanuja enter the house. Rano and Malaika beam thinking that Tanuja is now divorced. Tanuja tries to tell them about Raaj but they refuse to listen. Malaika continues to insult her and even Rano joins her. Rano holds her hand to drag her but Tanuja forcefully lets go of it and screams asking them to listen to her. Rano loses her cool at Tanuja and enters Raaj.

Rishi manages the situation by saying that they went to their friend’s divorce. Raaj expresses how bad he feels when couple break up and tells everyone that he stopped Rishi and Tanuja from entering the courtroom. Manpreet hugs Raaj in excitement. He accidentally blurts out that if it wasn’t for Raaj something worse would have happened but Rishi manages the situation. Manpreet requests Raaj to never leave the house. Raaj asks Tanuja to make some tea for him and she goes to the kitchen

Raaj leave with Rishi to discuss work and Malaika goes to the kitchen to taunt Tanuja. Beeji decides to watch TV to get distracted and Swabhimaan’s promo plays. Divya and Beeji discuss about the show for a while. After that, they bitch about Rishi and Tanuja. Malaika taunts Tanuja about using Raaj and accuses her of calling Raaj from US. She asks for how long she is planning to hide her pregnancy. Will Raaj find out about Tanuja’s pregnancy? Stay hooked with us to find out.

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