Kosem Sultan Episode 1 By Urdu 1 TV

Published on December 11, 2016


Gulbahar asks if anyone saw her, the girl says no one is paying attention anyway, everything’s a mess. Gulbahar says I will give you a task – a difficult and dangerous task, and there might be death involved. The girl says that her head should be sacrificed to her sultana. Gulabahar says first take this shot of drink, it will give you courage and calm your fears and nerves.

Mehmet, the boy who stabbed Kosem is brought before Murad and Murad’s wrestling buddy says we found him while he was hiding he’s the one who stabbed her. Speak. Where is our Kosem Sultana? The kid says I swear  I don’t know, I swear, I was hiding and some agha took her away I saw them. Murad says which way? The boy points saying that way, the street down there.

Murad shouts look  in every direction! Search everywhere.

Gulbahar’s minion goes to the dungeons. The guard says what are you doing here? She says I have come for you, you caught my eye for a while now, you have me in love with you. Poor guy, she stabs him.

Murad’s wrestler friend says they are here, they are here! Murad says mother, mother! No! Open your eyes, mother open your eyes. Meanwhile, Evliya checks on Kemankes. Murad- she is alive, my mother is alive.

Minion girl goes to the sipahi traitor who asks if he is dead and if she is a heavenly woman who has come to take him (hahaha) and she replies as she kills him, you are right, I have come to kill you.

Silahdar and Halil find the guard missing and the door open and then they find the minion. They ask her what she is doing there. She kills herself on the spot :O

Murad shouts for the doctors as he enters his chambers. Gevherhan asks how her condition is, he says she is unconscious, her wound is deep.

Lalezar and Farya enter the harem, Lal tells Farya to continue on and she will come along. She announces to the harem girls that Kosem has returned but her injury is serious and that they should pray. Ayse’s servant asks how Farya has returned, wasn’t she dead. Lal jokes does she look dead to you? I don’t know!

Atike asks how she is, if she will recover. Murad shouts for the doctors. Murad says we will pray, we will pray together. Gev says she is strong, she has passed through many storms, with God’s permission she will overcome this too.

Zeynel tells Gulbahar that her minion Filiz did the job but (she is dead). Gulbahar says God forgive her sins. Beyazid enters and tells Gulbahar that Kosem they finally found Kosem and that Murad has come too. He says her injury is serious, only God knows if she will recover.

Meanwhile, Kemankes’ friends stand around him. Hezarfen comments that he must have passed out and hopefully he recovers. Silahdar says he has had many injuries like this, tha the is strong and will get up soon. Evliya says yes, but how much longer will this go on. Not one, not two – we get so many daggers in our backs – Evliya says if there could exist a magic mirror – one that you would put in front of everyone and it would tell you who is a traitor. For example, our wingless here (Hezarfen)…no, he is not a traitor. Hezarfen says thanks so much! Ev responds don’t mention it, as usual.

Lalezar tells Silahdar that she has settled Farya in the Pearl Mansion but she asked for Madame and I didn’t know what to say. She overhears Evliya and Hezarfen mention how Farya saved Murad from the attack with her sword.

Lalezar says Oh my brave Mustafa – may God grant you recovery.

Ayse tries to comfort Murad saying not to lose hope, that God willing they will wake to a beautiful day tomorrow.

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