Kosem Sultan Episode 2 By Urdu 1 TV

Published on December 11, 2016


Meanwhile, the cook says so much time and we haven’t heard from our Sultana – what if God’s order came to pass (i.e. her time came and she died). Lalezar scolds him saying speak auspiciously, our Sultana will return to the palace God willing. Haci says and if she doesn’t return? The cook says the sky-dome will be destroyed on our heads and we won’t recover from it. Haci says when Handan Sultan died I felt I fell into a deep well, my Kosem Sultana held my hand from that day I never left her side. If she doesn’t return, I won’t know what to do, I will be lost and gone.

Murad arrives and finds Beyazid and Kasim. He says what are you doing, how could you leave the palace?! Beyazid says when they heard about the incident they left to intervene, that Kasim came later, the pashas couldn’t stop him. Murad asks the grand vizier if there is any news to which the grand vizier responds saying there isn’t any, that the ports and roads have been closed, and that they (the kidnappers) are here somewhere, hiding since they can’t escape. He adds that there are clues.

Atike says to Silahdar thank God you returned, where is my brother? Ayse says speak, did something happen to him? Silahdar says do not worry, our Majesty is dealing with the situation and he sent me to ensure safety and security in the palace. Ibrahim says we are safe, hopefully my mother is too. Silahdar asks about Kasim and Beyazid. Gev says they went to look for her mother and that they couldn’t stop them.

Evliya goes to Murad and says no sign of anything, but there is always hope in God, and God willing we will find her. The blonde lights a fire. There are shouts that there is a fire. And there are shouts for water. The blonde is about to stab Murad but Farya saves him hahaha his guards were useless here!

There are prayers for Kosem’s safe return in the harem. Zeynel tells one of Gulbahar’s minions that she waits for her in her room.

Gevherhan says to Silahdar, I know I have to be strong. But is is difficult, Silahdar. If something happens to my mother what will we do? He hands her a stone saying it is a black sapphire stone, that some healer told him will help calm him, he says he keeps in his palm sometimes when he’s troubled, stressed, angry etc. He tells her to have it. 

Halil tells Silahdar that the traitor hasn’t opened up yet. Silahdar says he will speak.

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