Kosem Sultan Episode 3 By Urdu 1 TV

Published on December 11, 2016


Gulbahar arrives says I came as soon as I found out. Is what I heard true? Atike says unfortunately. Gulbahar says keep your hearts light – Kosem sultan will return safe and sound. Gevherhan of course she will, do not doubt that!

Kasim tells Ibrahim to stay with the rest of them and he will go out. Gev says no you will not go anywhere, we do not know what is going on out there, if God forbid, they attack you? No one can go anywhere! Kasim says when my mother needs us, I am not going to sit here on my hands. Ibrahim tries but they stop him. Atike says please my brother you at least sit down.

The statesmen have gathered. The seyhulislam says he can’t believe the traitors dared to attack Kosem and that too in broad daylight and Yahya Efendi tells him and you advise negotiation with these men! The grand vizier says this is not the time to argue. Seyit Efendi asks where Murad is and Sinan says he is hunting – it is poor luck. Seyhulislam says what is this about luck? – no, the traitors used this as an opportunity! Let us pray they do not try to attack our Sultan too.

Kasim arrives asks the men why they are standing around, they will go look for Kosem too, and also take him to Beyazid.

Hasan Cavus, Kemankes’  chamberlain arrives and tells Murad that Kosem was attacked. Murad says what are you saying?! Explain at once, what is the situation. Hasan tells Murad that Kosem was seriously wounded, that Kemankes wanted to remove her from the complex, and that when he (Hasan) went after the traitors they were separated. And that he lost them.

The pashas meanwhile tell Kasim it is not appropriate for him to leave, that he must stay for his safety. Sinan says true, and anyway Bayezid and some soldiers are searching. Kasim says I will search – I will! Halil arrives with the traitor’s ringleader and Kasim says WHO ARE YOU DOG to attack my mother and punches him.

Beyazid shouts search everywhere! Kasim arrives and Beyazid says why have you come! The grand vizier says he insisted, I had no choice (but to bring him along). The best is for you both to return together to the palace, because while our Majesty is not here, your exiting the Palace is prohibited. Beyazid says the situation is bad – otherwise I wouldn’t have left of course.

Beyazid tells Kasim to return. Kasim says no, she’s my mother and you should return because it isn’t your concern while I am here.

Sinan goes to see Gulbahar who says what are you doing here?! Is this the time? What if someone sees? He says there is no time, I had to.

He says I do not know if you heard one of the traitor sipahis have been caught, they have thrown him into the dungeons and he is being interrogated. She says I heard – but, what does this have to do with you?! He says, if he speaks, if he takes my name, I will be finished – they will strike my neck right there! Gulby says ohh so you attacked Kosem and you lied to me! He says when the time came I was going to tell you everything. Know that, whatever I did, I did for shehzade Beyazid and for you. She says what do you want? He tells her – that sipahi has to be killed – I cannot do this, but you might be able to reach him.

Halil pasha can’t get the traitor to speak.

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