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Published on December 9, 2016


In the morning Ayse’s servant says you look tired, Ayse says I was with Kosem the whole night, and that Murad didn’t sleep either. Ayse says what is it? Speak up properly say what it is. Her servant tells her that Farya is in the pearl mansion.

Farya paces back and forth when Ayse arrives. What are you doing here? Why have you come again. Farya says I am here by Sultan Murad’s orders. He forgave me, it was his decision. Ayse says of course it was by his order you wouldn’t be here otherwise. I am asking you WHY. Who knows what lies you told him that he forgave you. Farya says since you are curious – i told him what was in my heart and he believed me. Ayse says and what was that? Farya says I think you know that already anyway. Ayse says I will tell you what I know –  I gave two children to our Majesty! You are a traitor, who has betrayed him. He will not ever forgive this.

Atike visits Silahdar who watches over Kemankes. She asks how he is, if he has woken. Silahdar says not yet. She says I heard Farya is in the pearl palace. Kemankes says it is our Majesty’s decision, he has spared her life, but she is not forgiven. She is here for now, but then she will return to her lands. Atike says do you really believe what you are saying? If I know my brother, he will not leave her, because he is in love. Is it a lie? Her situation is not much different either (as in she is in love too).

Kemankes wakes and says Kosem sultan. Atike says my mother is well thanks to you! Doctors are with her. How are you? But Kemankes goes out of it again.

Murad’s voice (a poem with his mother being compared to the sun) –  my mother who is the radiance behind the curtain, the one who sees light. Your light, your warmth became our summer season. Come take us, take us to our rose gardens. Come so that the lands that are barren come alive again in your grace. So their graves become a garden of Tulips. So the grapes become ripe and sweet. So that our bread is baked. Oh the sun of life and the sun of the heart! Oh the one who shames the sun and even beauty itself with her beauty! Come and see our wretched condition. This body of clay that doesn’t let go of life. I was raised in your storms. I became a tree, took root in my earth. Do not leave me mother. Do not leave me, not now, now is not the time. She says his name. Murad? I won’t leave you. You are my earth. my zenith (time when the sun is at it’s “highest point” just a saying, as the sun doesn’t really have a “highest point” since it’s orbital). I can’t go anywhere.

Kasim is with Elanor – my mother doesn’t look well Elanor, she lost a lot of blood. Elanor says don’t lose your hope my prince, she will recover God willing. Ibo enters and is shocked. Kasim says what were you going to say? Ibo says our mother has opened her eyes!

The harem girls are happy about Kosem’s recovery. Gulbahar says to Zeynel Kosem doesn’t intend to die, soon she will get on her feet and I am as sure as I am of my name, she will suspect me first!

Kasim says to Ibo thank God, let us go see her. Ibo says we will but what are you doing with that girl? She is part of our brother’s harem – if you have done something with her, the punishment for that crime is death. Hers and yours!

The statesmen have gathered and the Seyhulislam says to Yahya – the way things are going is not good at all, while we are trying to make ensure the security of the throne and the Capitol, they haven’t been able to stop the attacks one after the other. Yahya says every era has it’s irregularities. Seyhulislam says that isn’t an answer, it means precautions haven’t worked! Yahya says seeing from the outside can’t see the inside too well. Seyh says I do not see form the outside, we must first take care of living in peace and security. Yahya says if you mean to negotiate with traitors, that is wrong – the traitors will get their punishment. Murad is announced.

Gevherhan says to Kosem as you see we are well, we are praying for your health. Kosem asks about Kemankes. Atike replies that he is in the palace hospital and that he is conscious and that God be pleased with him – he protected you until the very last moment. Kasim says we caught the kid who stabbed you, he will be punished soon. Kosem says not at all – I will give that order.

Murad says to his men thankfully, by God’s permission, our Valide Sultana has been saved, but there is no sparing of those who have done this to my family. I have gathered the people of the palace here so that the traitors among us hear this. I will not bow before bullies. the lowly people who did this are not just rebellious sipahis – they have a Jesuit order behind them. They wish to divide us from the inside by planting sees of discord, but they will be dealt with – their names nor their bodies will remain. They will be caught one by one and finished off!

Margaret reunites with Farya, she says you are alive, thank God! You are well right? Farya oh what befell us, what befell us…

Gev says to her mother we will take you to your room, you will be more comfortable there, I will stay with you for a while. Kosem asks how the harem is. Ayse says everything is good except… the guest is back in the mansion. Kosem says who is this guest in the mansion. Ayse says Farya, however she did it, she got herself forgiven. Gevherhan tells her mother do not worry about these things mother.

Murad arrives asking his mom how she is. Kosem says I am fine thankfully. But there are still dark over us. God protect us from worse things. Murad says you be certain mother, I will remove those dark clouds.

Kosem comes upon Kemankes in the hall as she makes her way to her room. He says may it pass (get well) my sultana, she also wishes him well.

Flashback: he has rescued her, lays her down and covers the door. She says his name. He says hold on my Sultana. I will save you my sultana? He removes the dagger and tells her hold on my Sultana. She says it is finished…it was up until here…Kemankes says hold my sultana, hold on and takes her hand. She asks him to take her to her palace to die there. He says he will not let her die and cauterizes her wound, covers her up and checks to make sure she is breathing and then passes out.

Now, he says May God always keep us with you. She says I owe my life to you, I am breathing because of you. He says it is my duty my Sultana. Lalezar says to Kemankes, may it pass my agha, may God protect you from similar happening again.

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