Kosem Sultan Episode 31 by Urdu 1 tv 12 December 2016

Published on December 12, 2016


Halil meanwhile brings the ringleader of the attackers to Beyazid who slaps him and says you devil! what have you done to our Sultana, where have you taken her? Speak! The man says Sh. Beyazid! We are working to get you on the throne but we see you against us! Beyazid calls him a dog and beats him up.

Ayse enters the dungeons looks at the cell where Farya was previously inhabiting and says where is this woman? Her servant says I do not understand my sultana, she says her nanny is here, but she is not. She asks Margaret where is Princess? Margaret says she is dead – they killed her. Ayse says may God forgive her sins.

Once he arrives at the encampment, Murad tells Silahdar to pack up because it is time to head out. Evliya and Hezarfen are surprised to see Farya. Silahdar tells Farya this tent is for you, aghas have brought your clothes, you can change.

Nosy boys just had to ask – Evliya says what is she doing here? Hezarfen says probably because the Princess knows Erdel Castle very, she is here so he can benefit from her knowledge of it, there can be no other explanation right?Silahdar says hey, mind your own business. Evliya – our business? Silahdar – like giving the horses water for example 😀 Hezarfen says for example 🙂 Silahdar – there is no sitting around dawdling about. Yes, of course the two say.

Beyazid asks where they have taken Kosem, the traitor answers you should pray she is dead – she is not only our enemy, she is your enemy too – just like Sultan Murad is! Halil stops Beyazid from killing the man says he is nothing to us dead – we will make him speak. Beyazid orders him taken to the palace and beaten so that he speaks and for the rest of the guards to continue searching for Kosem. The traitor says don’t forget these words of mine my prince, that brother you love so much, will kill you one day.

Ayse hears crying in the harem and asks Afitap what is going . Afitap – they have attacked our Kosem Sultana, they say she is dead.

Crazy Gulbahar meets Sinan she asks what is going on – I heard Kosem sultan is missing, is she dead or alive, what is the situation? Sinan says he is trying to find out, but he does not have any solid information. She says Beyazid left the palace and she couldn’t stop him and Sinan says he knows and he couldn’t prevent him either. Gulbahar says I am curious – do you have anything to do with this incident? Sinan says if I did, I would not have hidden it from you – our Valide Sultan was being threatened for a while now – they had even attacked Esther hatun’s mansion. It was obvious this matter would reach this outcome.

Ibrahim meanwhile says and our Majesty my brother is not here either. All the calamities befell us. They killed my mother! They killed my mother! Kasim – silence Ibrahim! Speak auspiciously. Nothing happened to our mother – she is waiting for us somewhere.

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