Kosem Sultan Episode 32 Urdu 1 tv 13 December 2016

Published on December 13, 2016


Farya says she did not want to betray Murad, she was forced, but that he didn’t want to listen to her, and gave up on her.

He replies, actually you gave up – no matter what the reason, nothing can change the reality that you betrayed me. You chose the wrong way. There is a punishment for that of course.

She says I am willing. You can’t kill someone who is already dead anyway. I died that night I saw disappointment in your eyes. Do whatever you must. You cannot give me a greater punishment. So you will take my life here…you had brought me here that first day. It was very nice. I smiled after many months. Everything started here – and it will finish here. He says is this how much you fear dying? She says dying is not something to fear, losing – to lose those I loved – whatever has befallen me has happened because of this – trying to protect my loved ones. He says I wanted to protect you but you…

I have spared your life Farya. I will take you to Erdel. Your uncle will die, your mother will be saved and then I will leave you there. Everything will be over and you will never see my face again. As if it never happened – as if you never lived through it (meeting him, loving him etc. etc. )

Esther asks Meleki if she is alright. Beyazid has arrived. He sees his step-mother’s crown. Where is our Sultana? Esther says I do not know my prince. Meleki is in shock, he says what happened?! Tell me!

Flashback to Kosem’s stabbing. Meleki – she fell, I went to find someone to help, but when I turned she was no longer there. Esther says the traitors might have taken her and maybe killed and tossed her into a corner.

Haci says people don’t say trouble comes from showing mercy sometimes for nothing! That traitor’s child that our Sultana was helping, that thankless boy – he stabbed our Sultana. It is obvious he has been influenced by those degenerates (the traitors). Atike says and then what happened Haci? There is no after…I lost everyone in that uproar, then I turned and our Sultana was not there, same with Kemankes and Halil pasha, clearly they went after them. Kasim says how does this happen, how can these dogs attack my mother and that too, in broad daylight? I will rip out all their livers! Gevherhan says stay calm Kasim. – How was my mother (she asks Haci). He says I do not know how to say it…blood was over her. Ibrahim it can’t be (he wants to say is she dead?) – Atike says do not even bring it to mind, no one can do anything to our mother.

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